Accurate FerryBoat Tracking via Mechanical Models a proposal for
AHOY! Sailing silently along cables strung over Winslow Way, mechanical model ferries represent real-time crossing progress; A whimsical yet practical way to display the tireless boats relied upon in our day-to-day. It will offer a visual cue of the fleet, for those on feet or street. Delightfully kitsch, endearingly hokey FUNctional. WHY The Washington State Ferries are integral to Bainbridge Island life, and an inextricable part of its identity. Clock-like and precise, the installation would fill a yet-realized role as an at-a-glance ferry reference. So much is digital and screen-based; Here we might revive the awesome, animated analog. HOW Motorized miniature vessels voyage between two masts capped with iconic figureheads representative of each port. The data utilized is provided to the public by WSDOT via the Internet (VesselWatch), updated every 15 seconds. Location • Scheduled Departure • Actual Departure • ETA • Speed • Heading Who The Ferries over Winslow CREW, and with a little help from our friends...
FERRYBOT LIGHTS Traditional nautical bow lights indicate heading whilst underway. Cabin lights switch on at sundown.
ANCHOR LIGHTS Atop each masthead, an anchor light indicates current ferry docking situation.
Departing within 10 min.
In PORT late departing
CONSOLE At the southern mast, analog dials + digital screens provide relevant sailing information.
LOCATION The strip directly fronting T&C is ideal for its centricity, balancing views from both sides of Winslow Way W. This area is a relatively long stretch without cables overhead, and as a plateau, maximizes down-street visibility. The location also affords the advantage of having an outset curb, helping condense the project into view. Appropriately, BI-Mast is rooted in soil and flora, while the SEA-Mast rises above the sidewalk concrete.
'NAVAL' ENGINEERING With robotics at their heart, FerryBots are designed + built with reliability in mind.
fUELING-UP (DONATE) Our dream is a big one: essentially an outdoor, jumbo-scale, real-time ferry-tracking installation. Design + engineering is well underway via the help of a small, salty crew of volunteers. We are a non-profit corporation in Washington State. We are hoping to raise $47K. PRIMARY COSTS Materials: Structural + Electronic • Professional Fees: Engineering + Fabrication • Permits + Construction If you’d care to make a tax-deductible donation to support the project, please contact us. ?uestions • Thoughts
ANIMATION Feel the rush(!) in real-time.
Special Thanks To: FoW CREW Mom, Dad, Sister, Fam, Friends Klaas, Cindy, Raffi, Betsy, Enrique, Rachelle, Pinot, Debbi, Rick, Nathan, Myorian, Carl, Anne, Sandy, Rob, Clkarence, Bill